FXML News: Free Advanced Forex Signals System Launched and Changes the Game

(London, 28-Nov-2012) FX Market Leaders announced the official launch of its new and advanced Forex signals system.

FX Market Leaders, an international online trading community and signals provider, offers buy/sell indicators on the major currencies.  The signals system will include sound alerts when a signal is opened or closed, real time email notifications on new signals, recommended “Stop Loss” limits and “Take Profit” targets. The launch marks the end of the private BETA period during which access to the signals system was mainly given to FX Market Leaders community members. The launch was made possible thanks to great feedback provided by the community regarding the performance of the signals system.

FX Market Leaders is a fast-growing Forex trading community, consisting of top Forex traders, financial experts, private investors and novices. During October 2012, almost a year after the launch of the first system, there were 20,000 visitors and members following the signals.

It has been predicted that this Forex signals system is going to change the game rules for Forex trading. It offers live buy/sell indications on the major currencies for free to anyone who wishes to follow the experts’ analysis.

FX Market Leaders trading signals appear in 2 categories- short term signals and long term signals. The short term signals are based on 15-minutes charts and are designed to generate quick intraday profits, while the longer term signals are mainly used by investors who are looking for longer market trends.

FX Market Leaders signals are based on technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis and are updated in real-time by a team of analysts 24/5. These buy/sell market indicators are also supported by algo-trading systems developed together with a professional team of algo-trading developers.

Ben Stewart, FXML’s leading analyst says: “The signals are designed to provide real-time alerts to help traders, experienced and novices alike, to spot and follow new market trends that can lead to gains. One of the most important things we had in mind when designing this system, was to create a signals software, which won’t only produce winning signals, but will also provide anyone interested with a real-time educational tool, which can easily help traders with their day-to-day trading decisions. It was the No.1 priority for us to create a user-friendly system, one that traders will feel comfortable using”.

For the first time in the online financial market, the user interface gets the attention it deserves. The FX Market Leaders team has put a lot of efforts into the design of the trading environment so that it caters to the needs of experienced traders as well as Forex novices and beginners. Stewart: “The team believes that an increasing number of people are looking for trading tools that will help them improve their trading and investing performances, especially while the financial crisis continues. There is a huge group of beginners, as well as more experienced traders, which are looking to take advantage of the profit opportunities that the market offers.”

Taking all that into consideration, FX Market Leaders team has decided to create a free Forex signals system, available to anyone who wants to trade Forex, commodities and stocks from their private computer or mobile phone.

Alfredo Nesta from Milano, Italy, a long time member in the FXML community, says: “It is great that these people share their knowledge with other traders, like me. I joined this community a few months ago, and I can’t believe these guys are offering this service for free. Highly recommended for anyone looking for real-time market opportunities”.

Along with their new signals system, FX Market Leaders also offer a wide ranging variety of useful trading services for newcomers, including the popular “Market Leaders Trading Guide for Money Makers” which is thought to be one of the best online Forex courses, and, in the trading community, is considered the ultimate Forex course for beginners and inexperienced traders.

It is well written, full of examples, tips, case studies and practices, and one can easily achieve a high level of trading skills and knowledge within 2-3 days of learning.
Other popular services provided by FX Market Leaders include the trading blog, the detailed reviews on their “most recommended brokers“, and the Guru traders Rankings.

“We at FX Market Leaders”, says Stewart, “intend to keep on innovating with our vision in mind: to open the Forex trading market to the millions of people who are looking to grab a share of the endless opportunities that the financial markets have to offer. Our Forex trading signals will stay free so anyone interested can use them and become a successful and profitable trader”.

* Written by Dan Brown

[Source: https://www.fxmarketleaders.com/forex-blog/fxml-news-free-advanced-forex-signals-system-launched-and-changes-the-game]