Binary Oz – Trade Binary Options Australia – Signal – 11/10/2017.

Pair : USD/JPY

Action : Sell

Strike Price: 112.302

Expiry: End of Day (5AM. AWST +8.00 GMT)

  • Place trade within 1 hour of receiving the signal using the High/Low platform using PC or the app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Amount to trade is up to you but we recommend only risking 5% of your account balance for each trade.
  • Binary Options payouts for End of Day expiry on High/Low platform are 90% (1.90) on the stake.
  • Eg. If you have a AUD$2000 account balance and risk only 5% of your account, place $100 on the trade signal and end up “in the money” you will receive $190 instantly added onto your account balance at trade expiration.
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Results :

Binary Oz – Trade Binary Options Australia – Signal – 9/10/2017. Pair : EUR/USD. Action : Buy. Result : ITM.

Overall Win/Loss Ratio : 1/0 : 100%.

[Binary Oz Signal – BETA TEST]

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