Our team

  • Paul ChampCEO

    Established in 2015, we are an Australian business, fully registered as a sole trader along with registered business names Binary Oz and Trading Binary Options Australia. We are based in Perth, Australia. My name is Paul [AKA Kenny] and I’m CEO of Binary Oz, as well as having my own life as a professional with my own company.

    I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science [BAppSc.] and was top of my class in first year mathematics at University [two facts that don’t help at all in winning trades 100% of the time!!].

    We are a small team fascinated by trading, binary options, shares, stocks, currencies, commodities, oil price, energy, numbers, probability, statistics, chance, randomness, histograms, frequency algorithms and all things associated with the dream of becoming a millionaire through daily trading binary options, based in Australia. This will probably never happen [the odds against it are massive] but we will do our best to try. We don’t make anything from this site and it’s not a money making exercise or a career. We just like to trade binary options and are happy to share our methods with the general public to hopefully introduce you to trading binary options with our number one affiliated, regulated Australian partner – High/Low.

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    Our brand new website and blog has just been updated and published in November, 2015, and is still a work in progress, so we would welcome any comments or feedback. Please feel free to drop us a line on the Contact page to share your online binary options experience and we will do our best to help out to make your experience as enjoyable as it should be.

    Happy Trading!!!!